Cantonese College Textbook

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Cantonese College Textbook

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I am trying to help my Cantonese professor find a good textbook for her class one that has English Translation, Yale, and Chinese Characters. She published her own book but she had to much stuff in there, needless to say, I was confused!! I then showed her the stuff I downloaded from FSI and she really liked the format.

So, if anyone can help then please let me know!



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Re: Cantonese College Textbook

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colloquial cantonese : Very good audio textbook! Very easy learn cantonese !

1) shopping
2)meeting peaple
3)interests and leisure activites
4)telling the time
5)physical appeariance
8)what are theyu doing
9)Do me a favour
10)Where is it
11)Ordering food
12)The weather
13)The clothes we wear
14)Travveling expeariance
15)On the telephone