Study Mandarin and Beautiful Chinese Culture Guangzhou

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Study Mandarin and Beautiful Chinese Culture Guangzhou

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Pls contact Tyra by Mobil: 15975555481

Tyra is a Chinese Teacher for foreigners who are proud of Our Culture. If you are also facinated by Chinese, she is the best Choice for you.

Have taught foreigner Chinese for more than 5 years. no outdated materials and wooden, stultifying teaching style in the class. Student is the core of teaching! In her opinion, every student is unique, every personality should be respected in the class. Pay lots of attention on students' need and make teaching plan according to that. A very patient and funny teacher. After years of teaching, have developed her own teaching style, which is flexible, pactical and happy! Teaching materials, testing papers and teaching programs are tailored to meet your needs.

Very glad to offer one free lecture at a location which is convenient for you.

Last but not least, just remind that you will only learn Chinese When you willing and ready to study.

Wish to meet nice people here~good day!