Chinese vs. English Language Phone OS

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Chinese vs. English Language Phone OS

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Hi All,

I need a new toy and from scanning the forums I've set upon getting a new mobile that will support Pleco. Presumably this means getting a Windows OS system (most likely SE X1 or HTC Pro), however my dilemma is whether to get a Chinese or English language Windows OS. I often have to send text messages in Chinese and was told today that if I opt for the English Windows OS that I will not be able to send text messages in Chinese. Is this true? Is there any way around this? Ideally I would still like to have English OS whilst being able to send SMS (or emails for that matter) in Chinese.

Secondly, I am keen to improve my written Chinese skills and would like a 手写 phone. So ideally the text messaging input should support 手写 stylus input for writing characters.

Everyone raves about Pleco so I'd really like to give it a go... However, are there any decent alternatives? Anything on Symbian? Android?

One additional question about Pleco... Can you set the program to allow for a longer time to write characters and to ignore stroke order? This is because a) I write very slowly and most phones I have tried do not allow enough time to write characters and b) I am a 左撇子, so my stroke order is shocking! Plus I'm not really that concerned about getting stroke order correct.

I'd really appreciate any advice, reviews from current users.

Many thanks,

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