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Business Chinese

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This Chinese course is for learners who do international business. With the development of Sino-foreign trade, Chinese language communication becomes more and more important. This Chinese course covering common situations such as inquiring, offering, inviting clients, negotiating contracts, etc. which are necessary for your business in China. It enables the learners to communicate in Chinese in a short period of time.

level 1 : For total beginners

Teaching mode and contents:
It fits beginners for study, especially for those engaged in business. It's starting from phonetics and necessary Chinese expressions for daily communication, progressing step by step. Such as:
1.Greeting; introduction; apology and congratulation.
2.Shopping; traveling; bus riding; go to hospital.
3.Telephone and appointment making; book tickets.

level 2 : For intermediate learners .

Teaching mode and contents:
It contains commercial Chinese expressions, a commonly-used basic commercial vocabulary. After this period, learners are able to independently communicate in Chinese on business scenes, such as:
1.Business visits; Investment; Bargain.
2.Payment; Apply for a holiday.
3.Arrange a schedule; Have a meeting.
4.Business negotiation; Business ordering.

level 3 : For advanced learners

Teaching mode and contents:
It contains commonly-used basic commercial expression, basic Chinese knowledge and skills, communicative ability, competence for cross-cultural communication in the context of economic and cooperative interchange, such as:
1.Business party and business activity arrangements
2.Product delivery and other discussion on business related issues.
3.Giving a brief account of a company or product; getting or giving a quotation; comment or statement.
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Re: Business Chinese

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Re: Business Chinese

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