Want more improvement in languages

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Want more improvement in languages

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Hello all! After hearing so much about the great adventure of spending some time abroad, I am planning on taking a trip myself once I have finished school this year to improve my language skills. There are a couple of exchange students at my school who showed me what an enlightening experience it can be to live in a different culture and experience it. A friend of mine is from Italy and came to our beautiful city to do a “Vacanze di studio Londra” here. He says it has been one of the best decisions of his life and now he speaks English absolutely fluently!

Since I am studying French in school here I am thinking about going to France! I would love to get to know the French culture and to explore beautiful cities like Paris, Cannes or Montpellier. Can anyone give me advice on a French language course in France?

After the language course I am also planning to do some travelling around Europe. I would like to see more French cities and visit some other European countries like Italy and Spain. Can anyone recommend some Spanish or Italian cities that I should definitely visit on my trip? My friend told me the best way to travel around – as well in Great Britain as in other countries in Europe – is to use the Britrail. If any traveller has any tips on this please let me now.

As I am just starting to organise this stay abroad I am still very flexible and would be happy for any recommendations or suggestions concerning the language course or the trip through Europe!
Dianne Pabayo