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Chinese Lessons and Podcasts -- download or play online free

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You can both take advantages of varied materials free of charge and get much enjoyment out of studying Chinese with native tutors at a low price.
E-learning Chinese ----

A. Study by yourself with the help of our materials including lessons and podcasts for free of charge
B. Ask for the help of professional tutors whenever you meet a difficult in Chinese learning at a low price, even cheaper than that of a hamburger!

CcHello is for any Chinese lover who wants to learn Chinese and to know more about China. 30 minutes a day is easy to find for study. It’s so convenient and efficient that before long you can find it easy to get into a better understand of China.

I hope this message can help you learn Chinese well!


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So it's $14/hour. Not bad. Thanks! - Secrets of learning Chinese easily, quickly and inexpensively

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The Chinese Voices Project has a large (80+), free collection of short, accessible Chinese mini-essays on life in modern Beijing with MP3 audio. All the essays have English introductions and are graded by difficulty.