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1. a lot of useful topics can be found here: ... fault.aspx the content is well organized, i like the conversation part a lot. it's free , but of course you need to sign up first to see the details.

2. It’s really helpful, all the services and tools they provide are free and practical, especially the self-study content, including grammar, vocabulary, conversation and articles, most of these have audio clips, very helpful and easy to learn! Have a try here: (of course you should sign up) ... fault.aspx

placement test

1. is there anybody can figure out what the correct answer of this test? ... fault.aspx

question no. 12 of listening section. i've listened to it for a few times, but never really get a clue, all the answers look possible.

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Yeah, but don't you think this website is being promoted in too many new posts by the same person? - Secrets of learning Chinese easily, quickly and inexpensively