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Online Chinese Classes

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Ni Hao!!

Let me teach you Chinese!! My name is YinFeng, but you can call me Echo. I am a professional Chinese teacher from Mainland China. I teach conversational & business Chinese classes to all student levels. Classes educate students in the Chinese language & culture. Give me a call and lets talk Chinese!!

Please visit my website or give me a direct call using Skpye( for free download) if there is no answer please e-mail me at .

My services offered are as follows:
Skype Lessons
Mp3 & 4 recordings
Ipod Recordings
Other Requested Services (Tranlations, Chinese homework assistance, etc...)

Hope to receive your call soon!!

Best Regards,
Echo (YinFeng)

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ying feng, ni hao

I've send you message to your email. I want to learn chinese. so what should i do now? could you help me? I've ever learned chinese, but only the basic:)
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