Private Mandarin Teacher in Shenzhen

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Private Mandarin Teacher in Shenzhen

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Private Mandarin Teacher in Shenzhen

Hi, my name is Jess, a freelance Mandarin(Pu Tong Hua) teacher with patience and experience. I am available to provide face-to-face mandarin courses to expatriates who are now working in shenzhen, and on-line tutoring via voice/video software such as Skype or Yahoo Voice.

My courses cover from Beginner Level up to Advanced Level, with flexible class hours, focusing on conversational skills, making you master mandarin in a fast and efficient way. Here a fantastic world is waiting for your exploration, not only Pinyin & Bopomofo phonetic systems and traditional & simplified Chinese characters, but also the depth of Chinese culture. Whether that is business, travel, living in China or just for personal interest, I can help!

Please email me for more details:
Cell: 0086 13417655873

Thanks and best regards,
Yours faithfully Jess
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