Hakka pinjim romanisation scheme

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Hakka pinjim romanisation scheme

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The following Hakka romanisation scheme is identical to Cantonese jyutping with a number of sounds added.

Hakka IPA As in
b /p/ bang
p /p[sup]h[/sup]/ pun
d /t/ still
t /t[sup]h[/sup]/ tongue
g /k/ cow
k /k[sup]h[/sup]/ kite
z /ts/ fads
c /ts[sup]h[/sup]/ hats
m /m/ man
n /n/ no
ng /[chtext]14B[/chtext]/ gnaw
f /f/ from
l /l/ letter
h /h/ hot
s /s/ slang
j /j/ yellow
w /w/ wish

Final consonants
Hakka IPA As in
p /p/ cap
k /k/ neck
t /t/ sit
m /m/ swim
n /n/ sin
ng /[chtext]14B[/chtext]/ sing

Vowel, semivowels
Hakka IPA As in
a /a:/ father
ai /ai/ high
au /au/ how
e /[chtext]25B[/chtext]/ egg
i /i/ beat
iu /iu/
o /[chtext]254[/chtext]/ awful
oi /[chtext]254;69[/chtext]/ Loyd
u /u/ loop
ui /ui/

Additional sounds for some Hakka dialects
Hakka IPA As in
zh /[chtext]74;282[/chtext]/ jeweler
ch /[chtext]74;282;2B0 [/chtext]/ China
sh /[chtext]282[/chtext]/ shoe
eu /[chtext]25B;75[/chtext]/
ih /[chtext]285[/chtext]/ bzzzz