Help with a tattoo.

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Help with a tattoo.

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Hi everyone.

Im planning to dedicate my next tattoo to my family.

It will (hopefully, haha) consist of 3 signs: Mother, sister and brother.

I have printed the 3 signs, but I want to make sure of two things:

1: That they are correct. If someone could post them here, it would be of great help, as Ive seen a couple of different ones, and honestly, Im a bit unsure that the ones Ive printed are the right ones...

2: That the combination of the signs doesnt translate into "something else". My plan is to start on my right shoulderblade, and then go straight down. "Mother" will be on top, followed by "sister" and then "brother". It will be vertical. Since I dont know much at all about the Chinese letters, I want to avoid any crazy combination that could be completely wrong, haha.

Hope this question isnt completely out of place in this forum.

Kind regards,