Chinese is not learnt(1)!

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Chinese is not learnt(1)!

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This sentence is a challenge to traditional Chinese language teaching. Traditional Chinese teaching method try best to let Chinese learners master every word, Pinyin and grammars. These tasks torture every learner. These friends, with great interest to Chinese culture learning, will lose passion and patience under this kind of learning method and atmosphere. They can not communicate with others though they stick to learn until the end as it is deaf and dumb Chinese.

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Of course Chinese is learned/learnt! How else?

I think you were just talking about the proper environment that is most conducive to learning Chinese in order to COMMUNICATE. And even communication can be realized in different levels: just to get by in Chinese vs. engaging in a scholarly discussion about classic Chinese.

While it's true that a native environment is best for language learning, it's not that feasible for everyone. The key is to learn with the right system so that you can learn reading, listening, writing and speaking "organically". - Secrets of learning Chinese easily, quickly and inexpensively

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Well, how about learning English,or French,...? As for English learning, you have to memorize lots of complex grammars and words, it's not easier than trying to remember Chinese characters ,and what's more , Chinese grammar is so clear and simple and easy , that you can nealy ignore it, not as English, for instance ,there are "be", "is" , "are", "was", "were", "been", in Chinese there is only one "是",when you speak Chinese, you 'll never make the mistake that forget to change the form of "be".

The grammar of Chinese is so easy , and you can read a newspaper with a grasp of only 900 words.

BTW, the feeling of learning English for me is somewhat the same with yours of Chinese, I think that is the common problem of learning foreign languages, and as long as you stick to it ,you 'll not get to be depressed.
Anyway, if one could live in the country which he is learning the language of , things would become much easier.