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Enjoy Hoildays

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Chinese Holidays
The International Lab Day (May 1) and the National Day (October 1) are long holidays (3-5 days). Many travel hotspots will be very crowded. On the other hand many culture events are performed during these periods. The Spring Festival is not a good time for travel. Trains and airlines are overbooked because of people going to or back from home. All governments are closed and so are many services and tourist attractions.

If you will visit a city with Chinese minorities, you may want to travel there during a minority festival. For example Tai Water Sprinkling Festival is a popular attraction for travelers to Yunnan province. For more information about festival events, please click here.

Of the traditional Chinese holidays, the Lantern Festival attracts a lot of local people to streets or parks at night. Dragon boat competitions are usually held on the Duan Wu Festival. Other festivals are mostly family celebrations.

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