you learn chinese simplified or chinese traditional ?

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you learn chinese simplified or chinese traditional ?

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every foreign friend....
you like learning chinese.
but you learn chinese simplified or chinese traditional
I want to know as a chinese

PS:there is any mistake in my grammar ?


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For a would-be Chinese language student, it is often difficult to make a choice in between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. By making one choice over another, whatever choice you make, you are limiting yourself when you travel to different Chinese speaking regions.

To solve such problem, I have united the teaching of both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese in my current book "Essential Chinese 1500" and my future book "Intermediate Chinese 1500" and "Advanced Chinese 1500".

For those of your who want to get right, solid and quick start on Chinese language, you should have a look at my book Essential Chinese 1500.

Xin Xu
The author of the book Essential Chinese 1500
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Hello foreign friends.
When you are studying Chinese, do you learn simplified or traditional characters?
I would like to know as a Chinese person.

而且外国人也不说"foreign friends." 最好要写"I have a question for all the foreigners learning Chinese:"

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