Chinese for Foreigners in GuangZhou

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Chinese for Foreigners in GuangZhou

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Who We Are?

We are Chinese Language Learning Provider, and offer a high value, quality and effective learning services for Chinese Language worldwide in both online training and classroom training. College of Chinese Language and Culture JiNan University is our strategic partner. With their supports, we keep our teaching strategies focused on what the students need, keep innovation on more advanced materials and teaching strategies.

Our faculty is professional in teaching Chinese Language and they are graduated from well-known universities and institutes, and possess vast experiences in Chinese Language Teaching. With their excellent teaching quality and our high-value education services, we make Mandarin learning more personal, practical, and flexible easy, interesting and excellent.

Meanwhile, we specialize in cultural education and enterprise training in Guangzhou and neighboring cities. We welcome those multi-national enterprises in China sending their staffs to study at our center or we are glad to sending our professionals to teach at your organization.

Our Missions
To be the top Mandarin language training solution
To facilitate people to communicate in Mandarin fluently
To help people to understand the culture and practice of China
For any foreigners who live in China and can not speak Chinese, these courses should not be missed.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact Kacey at 87514287-808 or email to for details and reservation.
General Features:
Small group size (max 8pp class)
Total immersion in the Chinese Language
Closed-door practice to lay a solid foundation
Group dynamics
Native Chinese lecturer
Modular course structure
Practical oriented course contents

Our Courses:
Business Chinese

Business Chinese is designed for students who are interested in doing business in China or who plan to work in the fields of Chinese business law, marketing, banking, accounting, finance, investment, management, and conducting successful business activities such as attending Canton Fairs, negotiating with Chinese firms. It begins with an understanding of China’s unique business climate; focus on China’s contemporary international business issues and practices. The final goal is to improve the ability of speaking and listening business Chinese.

Basic Chinese
Basic Chinese is designed especially for students at elementary or intermediate level, will focus on equipping students with basic Chinese language skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of modern standard Chinese with stress on pronunciation and transcription of Chinese sounds, which are essential in daily life. The final goal is to enable students to communicate in basic Chinese for everyday purposes and to lay a solid foundation for students interested in pursuing further studies of the language.


is designed specially for the person who will visit Beijing 2008 Olympic games, which contains the topics of sightseeing, special cultural entertainment with some basic regulations of public place in China. The final goal is to enable the students to communicate with Chinese people when traveling in China.

Intensive courses are designed for the people who need speak Chinese urgently. The teaching approach is intensive and the amount of Chinese lessons are taught in short time. In this module, the students need a lot of preparation works at home to catch up the lessons.

Course Fees and Sessions:
Course Module Duration
(2hrs/day & 2days/week)
Fees (RMB)

Business Chinese

Daily Chinese

Traveling Chinese

Intensive Chinese


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Re: Chinese for Foreigners in GuangZhou

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TOO FUNNY! I'm actually going to be taking a sabbatical in China to study abroad very shortly and these courses look like they'd be extremely useful. I noticed that there's a phone number listed, but I was curious to know if I could perhaps get some information on the actual organization. Do you think I could PM you with my home address so you could send me some info? Or could you perhaps direct me to the official website so I could request a brochure?

If I'm going to be living in China for the next few months, I definitely want to know basic Chinese terminology and phrases. I don't think it's fair that many visitors expect the residents to speak THEIR language. While English is a prominent language around the world, not everyone has assimilated with English & American culture. I'd use Rosetta Stone but, it's pretty expensive and frankly, it isn't very personal. Even if I choose to go with the online training, I still have someone looking at my work and critiquing it.

Anyway, if you have any more information, do let me know. Thanks! =)