Why Korean people like to steal Chinese ancient invention?

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Why Korean people like to steal Chinese ancient invention?

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It is a warning that South Korean people began to steal Chinese ancient inventions and say it's their own.

It is well known that South Korea is always a joke in east Asia. Concerning economic, South Korean is far behind Japan. Concerning culture, South Korea is a small role in front of great China. That's why South Korean people are always not confident with their own country. That's why Korean people are in a hurry to steal Chinese ancient great inventions and say it's their own these years.

Dragon Boat Festival is a very traditional Chinese festival, and spread to Korean thousand years ago. But now South Korean says it is their own tradition and has applied it in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

South Korea is planning to change the name of Chinese Traditional Medicine into Korean Traditional Medicine and apply it in UNESCO as their own tradition. Even South Korean claims that the ancient Chinese medical scientist Li Shi Zhen is from Korea!

There are more stories. Kong Zi is the beginner of Chinese ancient and modern idea system, and he is a symbol of Chinese old culture. But now South Korean intends to steal him as the ancestor of Korea to prove their "great" culture.

It is widely known that printing is one of the most important ancient inventions of China. It has pushed greatly the human civilization forward. The inventor is the famous Chinese ancient scholar Cai Lun. But what is unbelievable is that South Korea has built a museum of printing's invention and insists that printing was developed in Korea. Even they offer free visit to foreign guests.

Now it's time for South Korea to "claim" they invented Chinese characters. Chinese characters were developed in China for more than 6000 years. Its original version was invented by Chinese Cang Jie according to many history records. Chinese characters were borrowed by Korea to develope their own language. But they didn't use Chinese characters directly as their official language because Chinese characters can't fit the Korean pronounciation at all. Then Chinese characters quit Korean society gradually. But Japanese are still using Chinese characters well. It is ridiculous that South Korea people say they invented Chinese characters which they are not using and can't be adopted to their society.

These are not all, but they already give us a warning that South Korea has begun to steal Chinese ancient inventions in a systematic way as a source of their confidence.

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