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Re: It is not stealing, actually it is robbery

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:53 am
by EL_kay
Richard wrote:OK, we just say Korea invented everything, and created everything. sounds like the God? Oh, my god.
They can fabricate a story, but cannot make the history. Korea is not necessary to play like a clown because its rapid economy development speed has enough reasons to make it feel self-proud and enough to receive more respects. No one will laugh at Korea for its lack of traditions or history, but people will do laugh at it for distorting history and fabricating history.
Korea, could you please stop robbery of cultures? That's very ridiculous and clownish, isn't it?
You dont' call this whole thread "Clownish"??


Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:56 am
by EL_kay
hannu wrote:I really hope South Korea won't continue fabricating the history and old traditions. Othiswise, they will lose all of the final reputation and become a laughing stock in the world.
And so let them do it. Why degrade yourself to thier level. if they fail they fail. do you get more honor by pointing it out? by exploiting it on a websited based on chinese dialects?

Re: Warning: Warning

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:00 am
by EL_kay
sigma6 wrote:This is in response to the original poster of this thread. I have a VERY strong and sneaking suspicion that the person is a Japanese troll. I have noticed that there are several very well organized anti-Korean sites that have no doubt been set up by extremely far right, WELL FUNDED Japanese groups, including large corporations such as Panasonic and Sony. It's strange and scary that they spend a lot of energy into this sort of effort. The question is why?

Having lived in Japan, I was and still am amazed at the amount of power and influence the Japanese right wing have in Japan. This extreme right wing sentiment is not only deeply rooted in the LDP (ruling political party), but is increasingly finding flavor with the wider population.

IN general the Japanese deeply feel that their culture is unique. Let me re-count only some of my interesting experiences. Upon arrival to Japan I discovered from several gaijins*laowai that during the boom times of the 80's the Japanese government petitioned the UN to set up a separate racial category exclusively for the Japanese. Hence changing the classification from Asian to Japanese. I found it funny, but it turned out to be true. Others revolve around conversations with the Japanese themselves. Its a fact that a few Roman soldiers wandered into parts of Eastern China and lived and mingled with the local population. There are remains of this small settlement. A couple of Japanese girls were saying how this is fact that Chinese culture was spawned by the Romans. I argued that there is nothing in Chinese, as far as I know, that hints of Roman influence on Chinese culture. They insisted it to be true since they saw it on Japanese documentary. On a different occasion during a discussion with some other Japanese, they were very proud of the fact that on a pattern on a kimono closely resembled a pattern found in France. This kimono pattern in grandly displayed in a museum and was used by this group as an exampled to strongly imply that Japanese is NOT related in any way to Chinese culture.

The point I am try to make is that you will NOT find these sorts of beliefs among Koreans. Conversations with Koreans show that they acknowledge that Korean culture was heavily influenced by China. One has to wonder The statements made by the original poster SHOULD be taken with more than a grain of salt and a HEALTHY DOSE of SUSPICION as to his*her*their motivation.

I DON'T want to make this into some 'anti' this or 'pro' that post, but there is in Japan a deep sense of gloom about her eventually being overtaken by China. This gloom is deepened further by Korean companies having overtaken once dominant sectors held by Japan (ships, chips, t.v.).

I very seldom post anything and hope that this rather long post will shed some light on the MOTIVATIONS behind such posters.

P.S. Remember that the right wing has A LOT of influence and power in Japanese society. Consider the motivation behind these well WELL FUNDED organizations.

Finally some sense. I dont' know as much because I'm just some american adopted asian girl in chicago but this sounds like the doings of more than just "korea robbing old cultures" this sounds like War being created out of nothing. From what I got from what culture I did absorb as an ousider of Korean culture was that they agree in the influencial Chinese and give much credit to china for thier developement in thier culture. and they have a culture. Just as much as any other. It might not be as popular or as accepted or even liked but it's a culture.


Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:02 am
by EL_kay
chairmouse wrote:Korean lost their confident when they invented their own character 1000 year after China.

Korean lost their confident agian when Chinses economy exceed Korea economy recently.

confident or confidence?

Re: Warning: Warning

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:05 am
by EL_kay
Silly, you have no idea about korean history.You have to know
that real Korean history books were burned by japanese imperialists during 1910-1945. (over 200,000 books were burned officially). Japs took all books and remains to Japan and faked most of Korean history to justify invasion to Asia and Korea. This is absolutely crime and sin. They never apologize this yet. They made Korean history limited to Korean peninsula. You have to know that. This is current Korean history. many Koreans try to recover again![/quote]

Agreed. korea was sandwiched between two HUGE powers. Empires that like to invade, steal, rob and rape. China and japan are ruthless. no wonder north korea went so crazy. I dont' agree w/ north korea and thier issues with the UN but I do think someone had to stand up and scare the shit out of the Japanese and Chinese.

Re: why Korean people like to steal Chinese invention?

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:08 am
by EL_kay
don't forget that korea was a main trading point between china and japan in and out of history. Much had to go through korea to get to either end so a lot of what Korea has is going to be both chinese and japanese just because of this factor alone.

Why can't we all just get along? then again, I'm just that korean adoptee living with the white people in america. what the .... do I know. What I read and hear and learn is all third party being told from insiders to an outsider. I know this. I DO NOT CARE TO GO TO ASIA ANY TIME SOON. YOU ARE ALL CRAZY!

Re: why Korean people like to steal Chinese invention?

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:01 am
by Gwe23
You know what? Im getting sick and tired of Chinese people accusing Koreans of doing this and that without any evidence. Do we teach this stuff in our schools or universities? Does our government promote it? Do 99.99% of Koreans believe it? Do 99.999% of Korean professors and scholars believe it or even care? Heck do 99% of Koreans even really know who Mao was or what he did? Hell im pretty sure most of those "Korean experts" who claim this bull$hit doesnt even exist.

Do you Chinese idiots realize that the supposed Seoul National University professor who claimed Confucius was Korean never existed? Some Chinese internet retard much similar to the $hit stains on this board made false rumors about Koreans stealing Confucius. Then the rumor spread like wild fire until it was reported by the Chinese media who ran an elaborate story about a certain Seoul National University claiming Confucius was Korean. Then some Korean newspaper contacted Seoul National University to identify the professor only to find out that the professor never existed and was a figment of the psychotic Chinese imagination.

There were other incidents of Chinese people lieing. Like when they accused us of stealing soymilk when it was actually a Korean company patenting a type of machine that could patent soymilk. Or chinese nationalists by the millions venting in rage at a democratic and free Korea publishing an anti Chinese book failing to realize that book was a childrens book with nothing negative about China. But of course Chinese people refuse to look into the facts before they bash people. There was also that incident in which the Chinese accused us of copying some Chinese boat festival even though the Korean one is entirely different.

Looks like the Chinese never learn. How typical. Its no wonder why China is a country of 1.4 billion yet gets whooped and humiliated so many times by smaller countries. Jesus Christ you guys are immature and insecure at the same time. The worst combination in existent. Is there nothing else you can do but cry like babies and accuse us of this and that without any proof? Sometimes I consider the Japanese lucky. They invaded China and committed war crimes which gave China tiny penis internet warriors ample material to bash or criticize the Japanese. But we Koreans have done absolutely nothing to China or even gave a rats @$$ about China other than for economic reasons. So you miserable societal failures need to make stuff up about Koreans in order to vilify us. I would much rather be called a murderer or imperialist then be accused of copying $hitty chinese cultural products that no one gives a rats @$$ about.

So please quit accusing us of copying this and that. Especially when you have no evidence. Internet rumors do not count as evidence. It only makes you guys look pathetic for trying to find some way to make us look bad. Are you that desperate to find fault in us because of your own inferiority complex? You country reminds me of those b!tchy high school girls who create rumors at girls because they are jealous and threatened by something due to their own paranoia. Grow up and quit whining like little b!tches.

And its no wonder why most Koreans hate the Chinese. Im not even generalizing here cause most Koreans really do find the Chinese despicable. Even more so then the Japanese which is amazing. In fact according to recent polls. Koreans hate China a lot more then the Japanese. A LOT MORE.

Re: why Korean people like to steal Chinese invention?

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:28 am
by zaydenkuh
Before I make my comment about this thread I should first check it in history books. I'd never known that Korea still that Chinese invention not until now.

Re: why Korean people like to steal Chinese invention?

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:03 pm
by JamesJ
Do you mean "steal",zaydenkuh?
"It is a warning that South Korean people began to steal Chinese ancient inventions and say it's their own. It is well known that South Korea is always a joke in east Asia. Concerning economic, South Korean is far behind Japan. Concerning culture, South Korea is a small role in front of great China. That's why South Korean people are always not confident with their own country. That's why Korean people are in a hurry to steal Chinese ancient great inventions and say it's their own these years. Dragon Boat Festival is a very traditional Chinese festival, and spread to Korean thousand years ago. But now South Korean says it is their own tradition and has applied it in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. South Korea is planning to change the name of Chinese Traditional Medicine into Korean Traditional Medicine and apply it in UNESCO as their own tradition. Even South Korean claims that the ancient Chinese medical scientist Li Shi Zhen is from Korea!"

Re: why Korean people like to steal Chinese invention?

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:25 pm
by Spirmy25
Is this what happens when a person or a country becomes suddenly rich? The Chinese government suddenly have some dough cause of slave-labor factories, and it's now feeling invincible and crazy. Maybe it'll soon be destitute like so many lottery winners. Smile

Re: why Korean people like to steal Chinese invention?

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:02 pm
by Baldwin
You act like Koreans are the only ones who do that. Any idiot from any race does that. There's always some angry and prideful nationalist/racist/religious fanatic who spew propaganda to make themselves look good. If you truly believe all that crap those people spew, then I wouldn't hold you as any more intelligent than the retard who spewed that crap.