Korean invented chinese language

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Re: Korean invented chinese language

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You know what? Im getting sick and tired of Chinese people accusing Koreans of doing this and that without any evidence. Do we teach this stuff in our schools or universities? Does our government promote it? Do 99.99% of Koreans believe it? Do 99.999% of Korean professors and scholars believe it or even care? Heck do 99% of Koreans even really know who Mao was or what he did? Hell im pretty sure most of those "Korean experts" who claim this bull$hit doesnt even exist.

Do you Chinese idiots realize that the supposed Seoul National University professor who claimed Confucius was Korean never existed? Some Chinese internet retard much similar to the $hit stains on this board made false rumors about Koreans stealing Confucius. Then the rumor spread like wild fire until it was reported by the Chinese media who ran an elaborate story about a certain Seoul National University claiming Confucius was Korean. Then some Korean newspaper contacted Seoul National University to identify the professor only to find out that the professor never existed and was a figment of the psychotic Chinese imagination.

There were other incidents of Chinese people lieing. Like when they accused us of stealing soymilk when it was actually a Korean company patenting a type of machine that could patent soymilk. Or chinese nationalists by the millions venting in rage at a democratic and free Korea publishing an anti Chinese book failing to realize that book was a childrens book with nothing negative about China. But of course Chinese people refuse to look into the facts before they bash people. There was also that incident in which the Chinese accused us of copying some Chinese boat festival even though the Korean one is entirely different.

Looks like the Chinese never learn. How typical. Its no wonder why China is a country of 1.4 billion yet gets whooped and humiliated so many times by smaller countries. Jesus Christ you guys are immature and insecure at the same time. The worst combination in existent. Is there nothing else you can do but cry like babies and accuse us of this and that without any proof? Sometimes I consider the Japanese lucky. They invaded China and committed war crimes which gave China tiny penis internet warriors ample material to bash or criticize the Japanese. But we Koreans have done absolutely nothing to China or even gave a rats @$$ about China other than for economic reasons. So you miserable societal failures need to make stuff up about Koreans in order to vilify us. I would much rather be called a murderer or imperialist then be accused of copying $hitty chinese cultural products that no one gives a rats @$$ about.

So please quit accusing us of copying this and that. Especially when you have no evidence. Internet rumors do not count as evidence. It only makes you guys look pathetic for trying to find some way to make us look bad. Are you that desperate to find fault in us because of your own inferiority complex? You country reminds me of those b!tchy high school girls who create rumors at girls because they are jealous and threatened by something due to their own paranoia. Grow up and quit whining like little b!tches.

And its no wonder why most Koreans hate the Chinese. Im not even generalizing here cause most Koreans really do find the Chinese despicable. Even more so then the Japanese which is amazing. In fact according to recent polls. Koreans hate China a lot more then the Japanese. A LOT MORE.

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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by jaz »

James Campbell wrote: I wouldn't try spreading "hearsay" around to other people without backing it up with citations and proofs. Korean is neither related linguistically, nor bioethnically to the Chinese. I went to one of the best linguistic schools in the United States, and am a specialist in historical phonology and I can back these statements up with facts, unlike your "hearsay".
James Campbell
Anyone can make up facts, 9 out of 10 people know that :lol:

If you really getting annoyed about people backing up their comments with proof i would ask you to do the same. I want 3 different sources for every fact. You should know how this works, after all you did go to the best linguistic school in the U.S.
A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by jaz »

wow gwe23,

all that hate. At the start you were making a great rant, slightly bias but you making some good points and i was agreed with you on some. However at the end i was just thinking what a tool you are.

If you going to write like that why write anything with facts and figure why not just insult at the start. It will save you alot of time writing it and everyone else alot of time reading it.
A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~Chinese Proverb

I have been learning Mandarin with Mandarin lessons for a year and still trying to find my wise man.

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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by kathleenp980 »

Everyone knowes that Japanese and korean both derived from Chinese, why waste your time with this crap?


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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by Lafaso870 »

This is really crazy,and just like a joke ,heheheh....
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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by candie111 »

it is no doubt that the chinese characters were invented by ancient chinese people
it is so ridiculous that it is Korean that invented them
china has 5000 years history .how about Korean ?

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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by chanya »

this is jokes right :lol:

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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by bluereg133 »

Thanks a great information about " Korean invented chinese language". I like it.


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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by hane »

Thanks to know that how come Korean invented chinese language.


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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by wangll08 »

Everyone knowes that Japanese and korean both derived from Chinese. how can you say that? that is joking.

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Re: Korean invented chinese language

Post by Xiang »

See, a new proof: a leading Korean linguistics expert, Professor Jintaeha at Inje University claimed again recently that the Chinese characters are not the Chinese', they belong to Korean's ancestors: Dong Yi ethnicity from China.(http://www.newdaily.co.kr/news/article.html?no=75706)

Additional reminding of a 2002 published history book titled "The History of Korea" written by retired Professor 林均澤 at Daejeon University in which the author describes the ancient Korean kindoms: Silla and Baekje ever owned and ruled more than 80% of the territory of China including North China, Tibet,Shanghai, Jiansu Province, Zhejiang Province,etc.
Stunning? eh? The real koreans never set a foot one inch outside of the peninsula, quite the contrary, they only have the history of being ruled and conquered by outcomers.
(http://tuku.news.china.com/history/html ... 18.htm#pic)

Just for clarification:
Dong Yi (Eastern babarians) is a more geographical term referring to many ancient tribes living in the east to the central plain of China. Prior to Han Dynasty(202 BCE–220 AD), it only referred to the tribes dwelling in now day Shandong and the north to River Huai. Those tribes were indigenous to China sharing the development of history and culture with the central kindom and later gradually assimilated into the Huaxia
ethnicity who can trace their ancestry to two main tribes of the same clan: Yan di (Flame Emperor) tribe and Huang di (Yellow Emperor) tribe.

The modern genetic study can prove this: almost all Han populations form a tight cluster in their
Y chromosome, and the ethnic minorities(a small minority of defeated ancient tribes settling down in outlying areas)are also genetically close to the Han.

Since Han Dynasty(the Han Chinese already formed), Dong Yi has a different meaning, only the nonnative genetically and culturally ethnic groups in the east including the northeast like: 肃慎(Su-shen) were so called.
And then from Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) on, Dony Yi expanded its scope to the Samhan in central and southern Korean peninsula, 契丹(Qidan), 靺鞨(mohe)(usually identified as the ancestors of the Jurchen and Manchus), Silla, Baekje and the Japanese.

You see, the Chinese call you koreans Dong Yi far later than Shang period (1600 BC–1046 BC), you have nothing to do with chinese characters invention.

A simple logic: any chinese invention, chinese cultural development and accomplishment occurred on the land of Huaxia by the native chinese, it belongs to chinese history. It won't change even a little group of our ancestors ever migrated to other places bringing the Han civilization to the local babarians.
For example, the Americans can claim any invention by their ancestors the anglo-saxon their own?
Even they are of the same race same blood.

What about the Koreans? Everybody knows that koreans are meant to be descendants of Altaic or proto-Altaic speaking tribes, the population genetic study showed that the koreans originated from the central Asian Mongolians. You are more closely related to the Japanese and quite distant from the Chinese.

By the way, Peterkim said that Shang was Dong Yi, "Yi indeed denotes a 'big bow', which still symbolize why Koreans are undefeatable champions in Olympic archery". How silly!

The Shang people are decentants of 帝喾(Di Ku), the great-grandson of the Yellow Emperor.
Mind you, the collapse of Shang was due to long period of continuous wars against Dong Yi causing
weakness of the kindom then being defeated by the later Dynasty Zhou.

As to the character "Yi", "Dong Yi" originated from "Dong Shi(東尸)" in oracle bone inscriptions, "Shi(尸)" shares the same origin with "Ren(人) depicting a sitting person. 'big bow' is just a

Furthermore, never claim Chi You, the God of War of southern tribe, who was born in now day Hunan
Province and descended from Flame Emperor your own ancestor. Shame on you.