Erm can anyone help me make a poem? = )

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Erm can anyone help me make a poem? = )

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Errm..Sry I write in english because I dont know how to write in Chinese

I just want a poem with 6 sentence from up to down start with this words
" 婷 诗 廖 你 愛 我 " Not all in one sentence I want is each other that 6 word at the 1st letter ...


我 愛 你
在 請 是
好 人

I wan a love and romantic poem
Thank you very much

By : Chen Mun Hong - Seevengitloiu -

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Post by minghuan »

at first ,i'd better to say that i use the simplified chinese characters.
if that is no matter with it ,i'll try to help you.

BTW, i guess my poem ll be awful...
我 爱 你 廖 诗 婷

望 你 夕 若 岚 袅

穿 之 日 冬 亦 倩

秋 深 梨 梅 婀 影

水 切 涡 残 娜 兮

if u read from top to bottom is better than you read from left to right....