Help with translation please...

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Help with translation please...

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Thank you in advance.

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Re: Help with translation please...

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ITK5 wrote:Image
Thank you in advance.
The first one is "rice air", and the second is "blade heart".

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Re: Help with translation please...

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First of all, i must say the two words of chinese is hard to translate,
because the words represent a lot of philosophy of chinese traditional culture,the first one is about nature,and the second is about society.
The first word:translate directly means "air", pronounce "qi" but if you want go further is means more.
In western world ,the ancients think the atom consists the every thing. Well chinese ancient think it is the "qi" makeup the world, but you can not see it ,it is no shape,no smell. Every thing is madeup from it, even your soul, it assembled than the object or life appear,it dispersed than the things gone.
The second word:it is a kind of attitude to live,to get alone with others,to solve the problem which your enemies maked and so means don't think too much about your profits currently,just give part of your profits to others or even your enemies, and than you will get what you really want at last.
so much for today, the explanation is only a kind of reference,it is not in full.And it is hard for me to write English....any question you can mail me

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I have a trope to describe what the first word is.
"qi" is a very abstract concept in china, even chinese can not explain it will. but you can consider it as "the force" in moive "star war"

Does it make a sense?

if you want translate this word to english i recommend you to translate it as "qi"

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1st Air (氧氣oxygen)
2nd endure