Do you want to join the best language exchange group?

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Do you want to join the best language exchange group?

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Do you want to join the best language exchange group?
If you are learning Chinese, you may need a native Chinese speaker too help you to improve you Chinese level. For this reason, you may have downloaded QQ and signed up your QQ number. But when you try to find someone who can help you to learn Chinese, you find that not everyone is learning foreign language and willing to help you to learn Chinese; You may have joined some language exchange QQ groups too, but you'll find that there are Chinese people who speak English everywhere. You may also have 2 or 3 partners who is willing to help you, but when you are online they are offline because of time zone problem. So you are not satisfied.
I'm Chinese who is learning English and other languages. I have the same feeling with you when I try to find a language exchange partner. So after went when through these difficulties, I decide to make my own group which is different from others and invite people learning Chinese Mandarin all around the world to join my group.
How the group will be?
It will be a group of people all around the world. 1/3 of members are Chinese who is learning English and other languages,1/3 of members are English native speakers who is learning Chinese and other languages, 1/3 of people are from other countries who is learning Chinese Mandarin and English. The group can accommodate 200 people. In case the number of people reach the upper limit, I'll create a new group of 500 people. So we can help each other easily.
In order to avoid someone who send vicious information, irrelevant ads and insincere people join us, so only invited contacts who sent their QQ number to administrator can join.
After the number of members reach the upper limit, we'll select our members according to members' activity, language level, connections with others. So that member quality will get higher and higher.
In order to make full use of the group, you can have a text chat with other members and improve your languages skills; have a voice chat to practice your listening and speaking skills and get more fluent than ever; If you are a student, you can ask other members, can they'll answer your question immediately; If you are a translator, you can post your translation on the forum of our group, and other members will check your translation; You can also download useful materials, software from the forum of our group, hold a party with someone who lives your nearby city; if you are someone who usually go abroad, you can ask other members information about airplane ticket, visa, studying abroad, renting house, commodity supply and demand.
We also have made a list of rules for our group, in order to manage:
Write your name card in group according to the correct form so that we can know nationalities, number, proportion of members easily; Not allow to talk about sensitive issues can easily cause quarrel between countries; no spam, no nudity, no irrelevant ads; set standard for member's activity.
Here are some more suggestions needn't strictly observed, but if we observe it, we'll make our group a better place for language exchange:
Try your best to speak foreigner languages; Old members welcome new members to join in, new members make friends with old members actively; avoid to use abbreviations that not everyone can understand; Choose a suitable font that not too big or too small so that everyone can see clearly; help others Enthusiastically when someone ask a question; members in our had better chat with each other actively, friendly, humorously; do not publish your private information in a public chatting room, avoid others take advantage of it.
More detail about the group has been post on the forum of the group.
How to join us?
If you are interested in this room, please join us; and if you are a person like this, you are welcome to join us:
You are good at Chinese Mandarin or you have strong a will to learn Chinese Mandarin; You are a kind, open, humorous, helpful person; you are a person who obeys the rule of our group and not make trouble for administrator; at last, you are someone who sent your information below to the administrator's email( and these information must be written in Chinese:
I wish you to write as long and well as possible, because we should choose someone according to his Chinese Mandarin level.
The reason why I want everyone to send me an email but not ask everyone to reply me on the topic is I don't want to be bother and you won't also be bother.
Administrator will check his email ( every day. If he find someone who write really well, he will add him/her and invite him/her to join in the group.

Here's a brief introduction for someone who have never heard of QQ before:
QQ is necessary if you are learning Chinese Mandarin. It's a kind of chatting software like MSN, Yahoo, Skype which is widely used in China. You can find Chinese people here and chat with them and improve you Chinese Mandarin level. If you've never heard of before. Click here and download it and then sign up your own QQ number and account.
This is QQ international, but there's a Chinese version too. It has more functions than the international version, for example: watching TV, listening music, playing games and so on. I advise you to download the Chinese version if can understand Chinese well.
You may also have the problems below if your Windows system isn't a Chinese version:
How to display/input Chinese Characters? If you don't know how to solve this problem, you had better read this article carefully:
How to solve the problem that when you don't want to chat in the group but you are disturbed by the messages in the group:
Set the message settings on the tool bar to "receive messages without alerts".
Here are some other useful softwares:
Sougou Pinyin input method:
Youdao dictionary: