Chinese idioms describing proud mood - 骄傲的情绪

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Chinese idioms describing proud mood - 骄傲的情绪

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骄傲自满 (jiao ao zi man): to be conceited and complacent
目中无人 (mu zhong wu ren): to put on airs and look down upon other people
自以为是 (zi yi wei shi): to regard oneself as infallible
得意忘形 (de yi wang xing): to get dizzy with success
目空一切 (mu kong yi qie): to consider everybody and everything beneath one's notice
洋洋自得 (yang yang zi de): to be very pleased with oneself
自命不凡 (zi ming bu fan): to consider oneself no ordinary
不可一世 (bu ke yi shi): to think no one in the world could be better than oneself
孤芳自赏 (gu fang zi shang): a solitary flower in love with its own fragrance
趾高气昂 (zhi gao qi ang): to raise ones feet high while walking
刚愎自用 (gang bi zi yong): headstrong but wrong-headed
妄自尊大 (wang zi zun da): to be overweening because of one’s position
恃才傲物 (shi cai ao wu): to be inordinately proud of one's ability
忘乎所以 (wang hu suo yi): to be drunk with sth.
居功自傲 (ju gong zi ao): to be self-important because of one’s contribution
夜郎自大 (ye lang zi da): ludicrous conceit of the king of Yelang (Yelang was king of a very small country, but he considered his territory is very big.)
骄横跋扈 (jiao heng ba hu): arrogant and overbearing
班门弄斧 (ban men nong fu): to show off hatchet in front of Luban’s house (Luban was a legend tool maker who was first man who invented saw in Chinese history.)
不知天高地厚 (bu zhi tian gao di hou): not to know the height of air and depth of land
关公面前耍大刀 (guan gong mian qian shua da dao): to display one’s skill of using broadsword in front of Guangong (Guangong’s original name is Guanyu, he was a very formidable general during Sanguo Period and specialized at using broadsword)


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Re: Chinese idioms describing proud mood - 骄傲的情绪

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thanks, man, i was looking for something like that. will combine with idioms i've already collected :)