Student needing to interview a native Chinese speaker

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Student needing to interview a native Chinese speaker

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Hi, my name is Rachel. I am a 20 year old American college student and need to interview a native Chinese speaker for my Modern Chinese Society and Language class. I’d like to interview someone today, tomorrow at the latest. If you could help me out please take some time to answer this questions as best you can. Feel free to tell me other things I did not ask if they relate to Chinese culture and/or language and think it would help. Thank you!

Tell me about yourself. What is your name? Gender? Age? Where are you from? How long have you lived there?

What do you consider as Chinese pop culture? What types of that pop culture do you enjoy?

Who are more sensitive to prestigious pronunciation? men or women?

What kind of relationship is there between pronunciation of Chinese and social status?

When Chinese compliment a on a female’s physical features, what part of the body do they focus on?

What traits (physical and mental/personalities) are considered attractive for males and females in Chinese culture? Do they differ?

One of the things we’ve talked about in my class is the effect of Confucius’ teachings on Chinese society and values. Do you think many of your values come from Confucius? Examples?

What are the responsibilities of parents and children in a Chinese household?

What is the relationship between husband and wife? Father and children? Mother and children?

Are there differences between the way Chinese boys and girls talk? For example, pitch, pronunciation, styles.

What kind of things are considered polite in Chinese culture?

What do you think the foundation of Chinese politeness is?