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Find friends for language exchange and practice.
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Hi, I'm a chinese boy, but who can help me to improve my english!? :shock:

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Ni hao!!

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I'm a girl and I want to be friends with you.... here's my msn:
see ya soon!

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Hello, Chinese girls and boy,

Which Chinese dictonary will you recommend?

Which Chinese online will you recomment?

Thank you

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make friends with chinese

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In this website,you can make friends with chinese,and learn about china,

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Hi, everyone. I'm a Chinese boy, I live in Baoji Shaanxi China, a city very near Xi'an(西安). I can also help you know and learn more about Chinese . I do not use msn, but you can send me email. My email add is: .

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hello every one i am kyrgyz and i am a freshman in chinese. it is a gradeful i am find this forum i hope we will halp each other
just do it!!!