Overseas exchange programs

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Overseas exchange programs

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Overseas exchange programs——
China INT’L EDU Development Limited Company has established many offices in different countries including United States, France, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Every year, our company organizes various cultural, artistic, and educational exchange activities. We have organized holiday visits and performances for students visiting at home and abroad and also for teacher groups, ethnic minority groups, academic groups, arts groups, music and dance groups. They were all showing their cultural characteristics in paintings, music, dance, drama and other cultural arts. Our company provides a communicative platform which can make people from various cultures come closer together.

If you want to contact us, you can visit our website: www.studychineseintianjin.com
Office number: 86-22-23394188 Fax: 86-22-23394188
Tel: 86-13821439769 86-13672076518
E-mail: internationedu@hotmail.com or yumingstudy@yahoo.com