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by 萧尧仁
Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:47 pm
Forum: Chinese language
Topic: 囧兴
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囧:jiong3 囧是一个异体字,是古代汉语的字体,现在已经弃用,它原来的意思是:光明的,耀眼的,闪亮的,它的意思相当于“炯”。而在现在中国的网络语言中,“囧”代表无奈、窘迫、尴尬或者无以应答的无奈情绪,这是因为“囧”字看起来像是一个悲伤的脸孔。 囧:jiong3 囧 allograft is a word, is the ancient Chinese font, now abandoned, its original meaning is: a bright, shining. In China's current language network, "囧" on behalf of fr...
by 萧尧仁
Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:40 pm
Forum: Learning Chinese
Topic: Hi! I have come to the scene!
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Hi! I have come to the scene!

Hello! Friends from different places, I am a Chinese university students, I came here is because I love the Chinese language and culture, but also the hope that more people can be very good study and understand the culture of our country. I am in my college as a specifically for students to read lit...