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In order to retrieve data from this database you need perform the following steps:
Step 1 Select one of the dictionary lookup methods. Choose one from the menu items of the left which you are familiar with (e.g. bushou, pinyin, four courner etc.).

Example: select idx_english.gif (899 bytes) for English keyword search

Step 2 A new page will appear enabling you to specify what you are looking for (e.g. "mountain" using the English lookup method).

english.gif (4593 bytes) English keyword: Enter your English keyword in the edit box and then click on the search button.
Step 3 Another page will now appear with the first ten character hits confirming to you query. You can use the "[Next >>]" or "[<< Prev]" command at the bottom to advance or go back ten characters.

Clicking the image of the character will bring you to a datasheet view with all the data present in the database

Glyph Dictionaries Radical/index MacIver Cantonese Pinyin English
Jump to full record in Chinese character database for character 9394 167.10 jung2 jung4 rong2 /tian2/ /zhen4/ [1] [v] fuse; melt; smelt [2] [n] mold [3] a kind of spear

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