Tao Lun - Daily Mandarin Lesson

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Tao Lun - Daily Mandarin Lesson

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to discuss; to talk over


Tone marks: ►tǎo lùn
Tone numbers: tao3 lun4

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 討論
Simplified: 讨论

First Character: 討 (tǎo) – ask for; send punitive expedition; to demand; to marry
Second Character: 論 (lùn) – by the; per; discuss; theory; to talk (about); to discuss

Examples of Tǎo Lùn

Audio files are marked with ►

►Zhègè huàtí yǐnqǐ dàjiā rèliè de tǎolùn.
This topic has led to a welcome discussion by everyone.

►Wǒmen cháng zài yìqǐ tǎolùn gōngkè.
We often discuss our school work together.

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