Madarin-English English-Mandarin dictionary

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Madarin-English English-Mandarin dictionary

Postby MvB » Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:11 am

Dear all,

I was asked by a community in Mainland China to send them a Mandarin-English dictionary (or Chinese-English dictionary if seen as more suitable). It is for children and adults of all ages, who want to learn English in school. Therefore it should include both ways of translation: Mandarin-English and English-Mandarin. Most of them only start learning English, so it does not necessarly need to be all including, but should rather be easy and comfortable to use. I had already a look through the reviews of all kinds of dictionaries, but most of them refer to English native speakers, who want to learn Mandarin. As I have never learned Mandarin and therefore have no idea about what to consider when buying a dictionary, I am rather lost with the matter. Have you got any idea which dictionary is suitable for Mandarin students learning English? Thanks a lot!

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