The reasons for learning Mandarin

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The reasons for learning Mandarin

Post by Lafaso870 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:37 pm

While learning any language it is very important for a person to be able to understand the basics of the language one desires to learn. This increases the ease and confidence of learning a new language. Thus when one learns a language as difficult as Learn Chinese, it becomes all the more important that it is done with the help of the right methods and tools.

If you are interested in studying Mandarin you more or less need to be in China. The reason for this is threefold. The first reason is that it is much easier to learn a language when you can practice it everyday in the natural setting in which it is spoken. The second reason is that Mandarin language studies take time - if you are just trying to learn the language by reading a book your eyes are likely to fall out of their sockets before you complete it. Learn Mandarin in China, as opposed to trying to pick it up from a book, is an adventure .Really a grand undertaking that is part academics and part experience; a view into a very different and exotic culture.

The third reason is linked to the second reason. Learning Mandarin is not something most people do randomly, it usually is linked to a very clear aim, or at least a general purpose. "I want to Learn Mandarin in order to work with x, y or z". To use Mandarin in China, in essence to work in China while relating to Chinese culture by engaging China on its own terms, you need a broader skill base that is not confined to only the language. For this purpose you don't only more or less need to be in the country, you literally are unable to grasp it anywhere else.

The other reason is that the IB courses is very important to student, we know International Baccalaureate called IB courses are advanced courses affiliated with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program that are taught in high schools to eligible high school students who may receive high school and college credit. Provided the student successfully passes the IB exam and completes the diploma program, college credit is received but no college-level letter grade is awarded. IB courses are credit-by-exam courses.

While Learn Chinese language the students are also taught the phonetics, vocabulary and grammar. For every language it is very important to learn the grammar correctly as it is the basis of learning a language. And it applies in the case of Mandarin language too. While learning online, the learner may download the Mandarin Chinese mp3 audio files and listen to them while reading the lessons. This helps him to learn the proper pronunciation as well as the phonetics.]rosetta stone Korean
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Re: The reasons for learning Mandarin

Post by YaoNiDeAi » Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:20 am

what if a 15 year old like me is trying to learn mandarin :| I don't have a thousand bucks to fly all the way to china then have a extra couple thousand to stay :( Although I'm
Having trouble speaking the language I feel lucky because already knowing Cantonese I get the grammar since they share the same grammar situations. I'm also lucky that I learned to write mandarin vernacular while learning how to write in chinese because Cantonese and mandarin uses different words and some Cantonese words does not even exist in the mandarin written language

Am I learning mandarin randomly? (・・;) I can't think of another reason for me learning it D: