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About "Korean invented chinese language" topic ,

Post by Emperor Yao » Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:09 am

at first ,we can overlook all the evidences they called except for one"dominant people of the Yin dynasty was
Korean".The pivotal evidence only.

what evidences have showed that dominant people of the Yin dynasty was Korean.

The dominant people of Qizi-Chaoxian was actually the noble of Shang,but why we call you Gaoli(korea).it is evident,the name "Gaoli" was followed the its sound ,not its mean.

now Korean or south Korean were from China from maybe two times .

the first was the refugees of Qizi-Chaoxian.Qizi-Chaoxian was a territory of noble who used Chinese-Culture.The refugees ran away when the Qizi-Chaoxian was broken by Yan Kingdom(one of the warring states).

the sceond was a noble of Han Empire.He betrayed the Empire and ran to the Chaoxian byland (korea byland now called),and established a kingdom which also belongs to Chinese Culture.

109 BC Han Empire conquered the Chaoxian ,and lost it in AC 220.And then the native people arised.Since 220 AC ,the most aliens were assimilated,the folk of Korean we called was born.

Now i know the Korean native people even were different. north Korean we called "Gaoli",which was from East-Hu(easten barbarian ). and south Korean we called "SanHan" ,which was native people.

anyway now the korean was no a pure race in the ancient China World.

most of the aliens in korea have forgotten their ancesters,and believe in their country in administration.

the Korean say that they invented Chinese Characters.actually the invention all also belongs to those ancesters who was from China ,but never belongs to those whose ancesters were the native korean and were from East-Hu.I just can say the assimilated aliens have betrayed their motherland.

now we know the different between concepts of "Chaoxian","Gaoli"and"SanHan",don`t let them mix the concepts.

Korean people use the concepts lastest to show the ancient case,that`s why they can ly on many people.and don`t let them ly on anyone again.
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Post by hummerid » Wed Mar 14, 2007 1:05 pm

Voices can be heard recently that many Chinese Cultures are korean origin. And seems to be supported by sufficient evidences.
But if you put all this togather, it comes out a simple conclusion. There is no Korean at all in the world. Those who now living in Korea area are Chinese. Because they don't have any Korean Culture but only Chinese Culture.
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Post by chairmouse » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:54 pm

IF korea invented Chinese character which is an hieroglyphic writing, why they switch to an alphabetic writing?Did korea also invent some drug or poison whick made themselves insane cause the chemical action to their brain?

Is there any ancient books about korea has 9600 history which written in Chinese charater? obvious no.
if korea really invented Chinese character why they has not used it to record any history before they switch to alphabetic language.

If somebody insist that Chinese people has some inner relationship with korea, I would say X thousand ago, there were some chinese people flea from China, probably because they lost a war or did not want to be slaves of slave holder.

than, those Chinese people bring Chinese character to korea when korean did not have character for their language.that is why many years ago they invented their language, because they thought they should have their
own character otherwise it is like a shame.
Today, when West countries begin to learn Chinese and Japanese, korea people feel bad, because their calture can not influence the world as their economy. and their country is protecting by a foreign troop now.

They think they should have a influence on calture an military affairs to the world. So they pretend the inventor of the most influential Asian language, which is chinese.

this is really funny.

I suggest korea also to pretend USA soldiers have korea blood, so korea people will be the strongest race in the world.

I am waiting for this laughy.haha!!!
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汽车~中~国~有奇瑞,吉利,怎么说也比棒子们那现代强,三星的那些垃圾东西中~国~人早就不喜欢了,喜欢三星的人只是一些无知的人,三~星的数码产品中~国~可以由爱~国~者代替,三星手机难道比中~国的品牌多?还有一些电子芯片,中~国~的~台~湾~可是做的比三星的好多了 ,还有棒子的LG知道在~中~国~叫他什么吗?叫垃圾!!!很形象的laji=LG L可以理解为la G和ji的音是一样的 棒子们很自豪的LG其实在~中~国~就被叫做垃圾!高丽棒子们的无知造就了他们的无耻!
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Once koguryo dominated North east Asia reigion. It's really a pride of Korea history. Korea was a ancient Rome of North East Asia. Shandong Peninsula (Confucius' born there), and Manchuria formed one unified state sharing one common culture of superiority. China often neglects what Korean contributed to their history, and culture. Without korea, china today could not exist. and shame to all chinese ultra-nationalists.



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